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Subiect: TT2015 - Finals: Player stories

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    Dear players,

    We are glad to have you with us, as veterans of the Travian Tournament Finals 2015!

    With your help, we intend to explore the events that took place in the game, the strategies applied and the individual and team contributions that led to the final result - the victory of the alliance Shields of West (EU WW).
    At the same time, we want to enrich the Travian Finals 2015 chronicles with player stories, their views and preferences in terms of game-play, as well as their vision for the upcoming Travian Tournament.
    For this purpose, we prepared a set of questions for the veterans of the Travian Finals 2015.

    Now it's your turn!

    How can you help?

    1. You can recommend players of the Travian Finals 2015, whose experiences and views you want be a part of the TT2015 chronicles.

    Each person may recommend 3 players by briefly mentioning the reason for each nomination.
    Player X - the best sitter I ever had the chance to play with!
    Player Y - he/she was new to the game but he/she had the most spectacular evolution
    Player Z - he/she had a defining role in the final outcome, coordinating the alliance of which I was a part of.

    2. As veterans of the Finals 2015, you can share your experiences, by taking part in an interview. If you are interested, please contact us by sending a private message via forum.

    We are looking forward to your suggestions and we thank you in advance for helping to create the TT2015 chronicles!

    Given the international character of the Travian Finals 2015, this topic will be available in Romanian and English.
    Please post your suggestions and recommendations here.
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